Jan 18, 2022 Louise Hamer-Brown

Are you a Digital Employee Experience trailblazer? Introducing the DEX Awards 2022

1E is proud to present the first Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Awards 2022. These awards will recognize excellence and innovation in the DEX space for technology from individual contributors, companies and teams as the trailblazers for industry excellence.

The pandemic-induced mass move to hybrid and remote work has placed emphasis on the importance of the digital experience – most specifically the employee’s digital experience.

Recent research by Gartner estimates that before 2025, over 50% of IT organizations will use DEX to help prioritize and measure digital initiative success. What does this look like? A focus on employee experiences and engagement, increase operational agility and automation, and secure employees regardless of location.

Providing an exceptional digital employee experience is no longer a luxury for organizations, it’s a necessity. And, as Forrester’s Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Report highlights, in 2021 73% of organizations planned projects to improve DEX.

We wanted to recognize the innovation that has taken place over the last year and highlight key industry trailblazers… But how?

The Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Awards

We’re delighted to bring you the industry’s first annual DEX awards program, focused on excellence and expertise in the new and emerging field of Digital Employee Experience.

The awards themselves are designed to recognize outstanding contributions and innovation in this area, and to reward outstanding contributors in the 1E customer community for their great work.

What could be better than working with the best teams and leading expert in your field? These awards represent an opportunity to shine on behalf of your organization and the wider 1E customer community, adding tangible value to organizational IT goals.

How do I get involved?

Whether you have introduced a new employee experience program or significantly improved the employee IT environment over time, this is an opportunity for you and your team’s achievements to be recognized.

We’re keen to hear about as many brilliant DEX journeys as possible! So, if you feel you or your team have a DEX success story to tell, you can enter on behalf of your team or encourage a colleague to enter as an individual contributor.  Entrants can apply for the following categories:

  • Best Flexible Working Initiative
  • Best DEX team of the year
  • Best Digital Employee Experience

Getting involved couldn’t be easier: Select your category(ies) for best project, team, or overall DEX solution, fill out the form and submit. We’ll then be in touch to let you know if you’ve been shortlisted ahead of the virtual awards ceremony in the Spring. Told you it was easy!

Do you want to celebrate your DEX successes? Entry is only a click away… are you waiting for? Be a part of the industry’s first digital employee experience awards today!