Ensuring shutdown of PCs is still the easiest energy reduction procedure

Thomas McGrath
Thomas McGrath
Nov 14, 2011

At Banking Tech.com, there’s an interesting article up about how the “little things add up” when applied to Green IT. To a few, Green IT still seems like an unobtainable but noteworthy objective, but its really not as hard to obtain as it sounds. It’s the little things in the organization where you can cobble “wins” together to meet your overall objective. Green IT need not be a monumental shift and change procedure for most organizations. It’s really about identifying areas in the organization where efficiency can be improved and then applying Green IT methodologies and techniques to those areas.

As noted in the article, still one of the easiest ways to kick-start a Green IT movement within your organization, and show immediate benefits, is to centrally manage the shutdown of PCs in your company. It’s a simple concept, and one that 1E knows all to well as the pioneer in the space. Our NightWatchman Enterprise solution provides for this function, but it also goes much, much further, while still making it simple.

The entire article on Banking Tech.com:

NightWatchman Enterprise:

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