Feb 27, 2019 Mandy Fisher

Using Gartner’s cost model to optimize your Windows 10 migrations


Migrations from an old OS to a new OS are expensive. It can range from around $256 to $445 per machine.

There are various factors which determine how costly your migrations will be, but the key word here is “expensive“. Right now, migrations are happening in droves because of the end of support for Windows 7 happening on January 14th, 2020. But many organizations are struggling to complete their updates. It’s usually the last 20% of users who need to upgrade. This can be because they work remotely, or because of another one of the 8 challenges we’ve identified.

They include:

Using Gartner’s cost model, you will find some sample numbers to help analyze your current environment. There are enterprise fixed costs, individual variable costs, and hardware/software costs to consider. Ask yourself, “What devices are we planning to upgrade to Windows 10?”. That will be a deciding factor in how you move forward with your migrations. Gartner provides ample insight into all these scenarios.

We couldn’t recommend reading this Gartner newsletter more. 

In the spirit of Windows 10 migrations, we have another recommendation for you.

On March 14th, we’re hosting a webinar with MVP Niall Brady to highlight elements of Windows 10 that are the most critical for the majority of organizations.  Attendees will understand the evolution of Windows security (along with the 20 new features the OS has to offer). They’ll also find out how to enable security at the firmware level and keep systems current with the latest updates. They’ll leave with concrete ideas on what to do next to improve their cybersecurity and everyone will have a chance to ask questions.

Bring your A game- these industry experts will leave no stone left unturned.

Read what Gartner has to say

Use Gartner's cost model to optimize your Windows 10 migrations.