Google rolls out its web-based Android App store

Thomas McGrath
Thomas McGrath
Feb 02, 2011

During a press event today, Google finally took the wraps off the long-awaited Android App store and, as an Android device user and gadget freak, I’m personally glad to see this finally released.

You can find it here:

So, here’s where this gets kind of interesting. Why a post about the Android App store on the 1E blog?

AppStore If you’ve monitored tech industry news over the last year or so, you’ll have seen how applications have become critical to mobile devices. You’ll have seen a public movement toward app store acceptance. Device makers today know that its all about the apps. As long as you provide a solid mobile operating system, it’s the applications that actually make or break the mobile experience and the bring loyalty to a product. To some people that may seem like a new concept, but it really isn’t. In the business world its been just the same. It’s the apps that make or break the experience and business relies on apps. Stalwart applications like Microsoft Office are depended upon constantly. Without apps, business doesn’t run.


…from a business perspective, application delivery has always been a tedious, time consuming, costly endeavor. A high percentage of end-point management involves software distribution. Entire processes have been developed to ensure uniform, mostly trouble-free delivery of applications. Application packaging and distribution has even become an IT industry and professional expertise designation all its own. And, yet, after all of this, its still inefficient, costly, and the end-user has to wait a considerable amount of time for software request fulfillment.

The mobile app stores have it right. Users search for a solution, find the most appropriate app, and one-click later, the app is delivered and installed. Why can’t it be this easy for business?

It can.

The acceptance of “app stores” really validates what 1E has known all along. 1E’s Shopping product provides the same level of ease for businesses that the mobile app stores provide for mobile devices. And, then 1E takes the concept one step further, giving businesses the ability to integrate their own Enterprise app store with the business’ specific processes which includes direct report approvals, license retention and reporting, reclamation, and more. End users can access the corporate “app store” using a web browser, make the request for a specific application, and have it delivered automatically. Sound familiar?

OK…now realize that this saves a whole stack of money for the business and frees up time for IT staff to focus on improving the company infrastructure and completing those projects that have been lingering unfinished for months or years. Here’s a few papers that you should think about looking through to understand how much time and money your company will save:


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