May 20, 2019 Mandy Fisher

GoT and Windows parallels: bending the knee to 10


I’m going to go ahead and make sure I clarify: there are spoilers in this post.

If you haven’t, for some unknown reason, watched the series finale of GoT yet, stop yourself right here and come back later. There are spoilers. You’ve been warned.

After watching the (albeit incredibly disappointing) series finale of Game of Thrones last night, I came to realize there are some parallels happening within the industry that I simply can’t ignore. Bear with me.

Jon killing Dany is like the Jan 2020 deadline.

The push to update to Windows 10 is huge. If you haven’t gotten completely there, it’s probably giving you increased amounts of stress. Jon toiled over whether he was going to remain allegiant to Dany the last 2 episodes. Just like everyone has gone back and forth about how/when they’re going to get to a complete Win10, Jon had a hard time making up his mind about what he was going to do with Daenerys.  (So, he murdered her.) Which, is one route you could take. It’s definitive. Kill Windows 7 and move forward.

microsoft dragon

Or you can ignore any updates and just let whatever version of Windows you’re currently on remain since, you’ve got Microsoft to carry your endpoint carcasses off into the misty abyss, grasping them tightly to ensure they don’t fall. Microsoft vows to service your endpoints well after the deadline (but, of course, for a price).

Lastly, you could pull a Tyrion and convince everyone around you to choose the obvious outcome and update to Windows 10 now instead of later. It’ll be so much easier this way.

“Bran the Broken” is a wipe-and-load scenario and a machine replacement.

Basically, making Bran king of the (6) kingdoms put everything back to neutral. Which is something you may need to do! I’m not upset Bran is king. A machine/king replacement was required. I think given the circumstances, out of all the possible new rulers, he’s the most agnostic, least emotional, and unwaveringly straightforward. Bran is the machine replacement, but also the wipe-and-load. Sometimes you need to clear out the past and only bring back what you want or need.

(*Quick question, while we’re at it—why would Bran need a Master of Whispers if he can literally time travel and see everything?)

Jon going back north beyond the Wall is like servicing remote workers.

This was one of the hardest decisions for me to swallow. Jon, the rightful king, gets sent away after doing what everyone else wanted to do but couldn’t do themselves? Grumble. But before I digress, let me explain.

Remote workers are the hardest end points to service. They’re difficult to manage, challenging to protect, and almost impossible to reign in. The only silver lining of Jon returning to the Watch is that we can rest easy knowing he’s out there doing what he does best: staying loyal to his team and doing what he can to keep them safe. Like Jon Snow reuniting with Ghost in the North, Our WSS solution gives organizations that comfort. We provide the automation needed for your entire Win10 migration whether the end points are in the office or beyond the Wall.

windows 10 got

Obviously, this was a fun way for me to talk about GoT as well as remind everyone that the Win10 deadline is right around the corner. If you’re interested in talking about either GoT or Windows 10- or both! We’re here. Get in touch today.