Guaranteed Sunshine in Las Vegas Next Week

Phil Wilcock
Mar 15, 2011

However, there may be some ‘cloud’. Geddit?

Writing about Systems Management and PC Power Management can be a bit ‘dry’ sometimes, so at this time of year it’s really nice to get excited about our favorite conference, the Microsoft Management Summit MMS2011. Of course there is a serious side to things, with everyone there to learn, learn learn, and there’s a lot to learn this time. 1E has a new product, Microsoft will be sharing their latest and greatest Systems Management-ness with us, and there will be Labs, parties and serious geek fest discussions all week..

Despite this serious knowledge-feast, I can guarantee absolute sunshine at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and conference centre next week. I’m not talking about the solar variety however.. 1E Sunshine is kind of like our ‘hidden product’ if you like, and it was released on the day we founded 1E. Those of you who know us will know what I’m talking about, but for those unfortunates who have yet to meet us, I urge you to come along and find out just what it is that makes 1E different. Basically we do like to share the love, both internally and externally, and credit for this should really go to 1E CEO and co-founder Sumir Karayi, who is one of the very few CEO’s out there who really cares about much more than the bottom line. Just don’t tell him I said so..

1E Sunshine at MMS2011

Stop by our booth at the Expo and we will give you not only superior knowledge, but maybe a cuddly Polar Bear too.

If you make it to the 1E party, 1E sunshine will be available in abundance, even after dark..

Come to our Heroes of Systems Management session on Wednesday. If we don’t make you laugh, we’ll give up and go home!

Mr Ed Aldrich. 1E employee, and 1E Sunshine ambassador, not to be missed.

There will be lots of 1E folks attending MMS2011, so make sure that you chat to at least one of us. Fellow blogger Rod Trent will be there, as will Sumir, myself and the rest of the gang, so be sure to pick up some 1E sunshine. It’s free!

BTW: Fellow blogger Rod Trent has a great page on the myITForum site which tracks the history of MMS2011, if this is your first visit, then check this page to see how the event has developed over time