Lowering the cost and risk of your Windows 7 migration webinar–April 21, 2011

Thomas McGrath
Thomas McGrath
Apr 13, 2011

After 8 April 2014, large organizations that want security fixes for Windows XP will have to pay as much as $200,000 for the first year if they have Software Assurance (SA) for Windows, rising to $500,000 for those without!

To avoid these charges let us help you decide the best migration path!

The options you have are:

  • Fully automate the entire migration processdelivering zero-touch installations, for the fastest and lowest cost migration
  • Refresh all your hardware and buy new systems with Windows 7 pre-installed
  • Conduct a desk-side migration and have an engineer visit every user with a Windows 7 image to perform a manual install

Do you have a plan for your Windows 7 migration project?

Are you aware of the different migration options available to you to?

Unsure which path to take?

  • Significantly reduce the costs and time involved in your Windows 7 deployment
  • Deploy Windows 7 without site visits or branch servers
  • Deliver zero-touch installations
  • Transfer all deployment knowledge to enhance internal skills

Less Risk – Less Time – Less Cost

Our Windows 7 migration Service will not only address any skills shortages, it will also ensure you meet migration deadlines.

Join our Webinar “Lowering the cost and risk of your Windows 7 migration” on April 21, 2011.

Learn how we lower the cost and risk of Windows 7

Gain access to the 1E four point framework for Windows 7 deployment. Our tried-and-tested framework covers four elements: Assessment, Preparation, Pilot, and Deployment.

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