How many Win10 upgrades can you do in one day?

How many Win10 upgrades can you do in one day?

There’s no denying it— Windows 7 support is rapidly coming to an end so you’re currently faced with one of three possible scenarios:  your organization has either not begun it’s OS migration, it’s in the middle of it, or it’s completely done. If it’s the latter, then kudos to you. If it’s either one of the first two, then there are lots of other accompanying questions to these situations.

The most prevalent one is, “How many can we do in one day?” People want to get it DONE and then move on.

In order to get the most accurate information to answer this, there are several factors to look at in further detail. How many machines are actually ready for Windows 10 deployment? What is the current state of all the endpoints?

In this next webinar, we will combine data acquired from these queries (and more) to solve the ultimate question of how many migrations can be completed in one day. And the answer you get will be a believable one!

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