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Measuring Data Center Energy Efficiency More Effectively

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We have recently looked at two different approaches to application workload efficiency. The first is from 1E, the power management software vendor. 1E’s server power management solution has two main elements. The first is the provision of detailed analysis of the application-level utilization of IT servers. This enables IT managers to understand in detail the utilization of their IT assets. NightWatchman reporting can therefore help in the identification and elimination of comatose servers, as well as the manual fine-tuning of server performance. The second element is the NightWatchman Drowsy Server capability, which utilizes built-in processor power management capabilities to allow voltage levels to be modified on demand. 1E combines this capability with defined business rules to decide which workloads should run at lower power levels. These tasks are then carried out using minimum power levels, reducing power consumption when the server is not doing useful work.

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