Apr 13, 2018 Mandy Fisher

Microsoft + 1E: the best way to get to Windows 10

Microsoft + 1E: the best way to get to Windows 10

We always love to toot our own horns a little and shout from the rooftops regarding our customer success stories. When we get to speak with the people who use our products—and who are happy to use them—narratives emerge that describe in detail how 1E has made a difference in their organizations and in their lives.

As it is with the Cherokee County School System and their journey with Nomad, it’s evident the impact the solution has made for the success of their school.

If you’ve ever wondered how an environment like a school system stays up-to-date with the latest in technology, the answers are all here in our recent case study. The challenges are no different: an IT estate with 40,000 devices required fast, automated, and above all, secure updates. Nomad was the only solution they could find that uses unique peer-to-peer technology that they could trust.

Download the case study now to learn more how Microsoft and Nomad combined made the Cherokee County School System get to Windows 10. You might say the school was, “saved by the bell”!