MMS 2010 – Part 2. Or, how the volcanic cloud just delayed us a bit #mms2011

Thomas McGrath
Thomas McGrath
Feb 07, 2011

Last year about this time we were stoked that 1E founders Phil Wilcock and Sumir Karayi were going to attend MMS 2010. It was going to be a monumental time, bringing Phil out of semi-retirement from his pig farm just to gather once again at the best community conference event. All was going to be good! But, then Eyjafjallajökull erupted, keeping most of Europe grounded for several months.

Ironically, MMS 2010 was a bit the beginnings of Microsoft’s push about “the cloud”.

Well…we’re ready to try this again! Get ready for MMS 2011 as both Sumir and Phil are scheduled to make the trip! Make sure you stop by our handsome booth in the Expo to locate them. Booth #109.

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