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More useful Cisco Live collateral from 1E–cab fee guide #cl11

Cisco Live If you’ve never been to Las Vegas before, or haven’t been there in a while, it’s always helpful to know what can you expect once you hit the ground at McCarron Airport. You’ll definitely need transportation to your hotel and the fees will change depending on the trip. Some folks prefer to use the shuttle service, but the drawback with the shuttle service is that you are stuck with stopping at each shuttle drop-off between the airport and your final destination.

The cab lines move quickly outside the airport, the trip is short, and the cost is nominal. Some cabs do not accept credit cards in Vegas, so it’s always good to carry a $20 bill with you even though the cost of the cab ride will be much less.

Keep in mind you can also share a cab ride. While you are walking through the roped-off cab maze outside the baggage claim area, you can usually find a couple people who don’t mind sharing the cost of the ride. Don’t be bashful. Most of the folks in the cab line are Cisco geeks, just like you.

Here’s a cab fee guide we’ve prepared that you can look through, or download and keep on your mobile device. It gives you a pretty accurate “guess” as to how much the trip will cost.

Download (PDF): Las Vegas Cab Fees

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