Report Highlights IT For Sustainability

Phil Wilcock
Jan 31, 2011

As Green IT in particular and Business Sustainability in general moves firmly into the mainstream, so reporting is becoming a must-have at all levels of participation. As companies implement Green IT projects and other business wide energy and carbon reduction strategies it’s becoming clear that reporting and planning will play a huge role in pulling it all together.

We’ve seen forward thinking companies tackling energy waste by going for the ‘low hanging fruit’ or quick win projects like PC Power Management, and implementing a change to low wattage light bulbs for instance, but as companies move to a broader sustainability plan and move onto deeper and more complex strategies such as server power management and data center efficiency projects, more analytical reporting is being seen as a key tool.

Just as I was thinking along these lines, I came upon some supporting evidence in the form of a report from Deloitte on this very topic. The report, entitled Analytics For the sustainable Business suggests that existing software may not be up to the job, and that by applying ‘sustainability analytics’ companies can better target their efforts by measuring current projects and working out feasibilities for new ones.

Here’s what they have to say about Green IT for instance.

What does information technology have to do with sustainability and climate change? Some people might say that it’s all about “green IT” – but they’d only be partly right. While green IT efforts aimed at reducing the IT function’s energy and resource consumption can yield tangible cost savings in addition to carbon footprint reductions, that’s only a small part of the potential value technology can drive for a company’s corporate sustainability and climate change program. To capture the rest of that value, leaders should embrace IT for sustainability, or ITFS – an approach that views technology as an essential enabler of a company’s sustainability efforts.

For me, it’s satisfying to see a more long term approach being taken to such issues. IT for Sustainability (ITFS), or IT Efficiency in general can play a huge role in the overall sustainable behavior of any company, small or large, and here at 1E we’re ideally place to help bring about those positive long term changes.

It’s a thought provoking report, and at only six pages, well worth a read on your next coffee break.