Mar 16, 2016 Rosario Perri

Scandic Hotels Removes +215 DPs with 1E Nomad for Server Reduction

Scandic Hotels Removes +215 DPs with 1E Nomad for Server Reduction

1E’s Rosario Perri sat down with Richard Häggström, an IT operations specialist at Scandic Hotels based in Sweden, to discuss their successful implementation of Nomad, 1E’s peer-to-peer content delivery solution, in their hotels across the Nordics. Before teaming up with 1E, Scandic was facing a full SCCM server replacement in their hotel sites. They were looking for an option that could reduce hardware and infrastructure, that was cost efficient, eco-conscious, and innovative. Scandic worked with 1E and their trusted Nordic partner to implement a network friendly solution that met all of their requirements and exceeded their expectations.

Rosario Perri: What were the problems you were experiencing before working with 1E, and had you previously tried anything else to solve these problems?

Richard Häggström: Prior to using Nomad, we saw Distribution Points begin to fail. Our previous implementation of SCCM was not fast enough to match the speed with which we would open and close hotel locations. A 1-to-1 replacement of servers was not an option, and the hotel chain was growing so more purchasing servers would have been necessary if we wanted to continue using SCCM.

How many DPs were you using before implementing server reduction with 1E?

We had approximately 220 DPs. Today we have 3: the management point, one at the configuration center, and one at the headquarters. Before Nomad, we spent approximately 50% of our time administering, troubleshooting, and maintaining DPs. With fewer DPs to manage, our IT team can dedicate time and attention to new projects.

Wow! Were you skeptical when 1E told you what Nomad could accomplish in terms of speed and server reduction?

When the solution was presented we all thought, ‘is this too good to be true?’ We were skeptical that we could achieve these results at the price that was proposed.

The technology proved us wrong. The product is solid, worth the cost investment because it eliminates unnecessary hardware and the strain associated with purchasing, licensing, and maintaining DPs.

What else factored into your decision to move forward with 1E?

Since we have a limited bandwidth on our scattered WAN across all of the Nordics we needed to make sure that the solution did not prevent business applications across the WAN from functioning. With Nomad that is not a problem.

We also appreciate that there was no need to handle another GUI in the SCCM console. Nomad integrates with the familiar Microsoft GUI.

Finally, we trusted our local partners. They shared our preference for Nomad over the competition. We trusted their advice and felt safe with the product.

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