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The ITAM Review: Software Usage Monitoring and Works’ Councils – It Can Be Done!

The ITAM Review

Our own Geoff Collins has contributed an article to the ITAM Review.

Many systems management tools such as Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 have the ability to monitor application usage.

When combined with tools such as AppClarity from 1E, this can be used to find and reclaim unused software. This technology enables organizations to make substantial savings in their software spend, but sometimes the politics can be more complex than the technology.

Works Councils are prevalent in Germany (Betriebsrat), and are also found in France (Comité d’Entreprise), the Netherlands (Ondernemingsraad) and many other countries across Europe. They are primarily intended to protect and promote the rights of the employees and can wield a great deal of power within an organization. These lobbying forces can often prevent IT changes that have a perceived impact on end users. Understanding the motivations of the Workers Councils can be key when it comes to moving forward.

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