Apr 08, 2021 Hannah Lenane

Infographic | The Direct and Indirect Benefits of Hybrid Work

Anywhere and hybrid working can offer long-term value for employers and employees alike, driving a variety of benefits for your organization. Some are very direct, whilst others are more indirect; some relate to employee experience, whilst others are more in line with business needs.
Hybrid-working 2x

Previously, we’ve explored the what hybrid working is, why it matters, and how to assess your readiness on the work from anywhere journey. In this blog we will go a step further and look at the benefits of hybrid and anywhere work strategy as a solution, as discussed by J.P. Gownder (VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester) in his keynote session at the Work From Anywhere conference in March.

For most organizations, hybrid work will be the way forward as it drives many direct and indirect benefits, from employee experience, to business needs. Utilizing J. P.’s brilliant insights, this infographic maps eight key benefits for you to consider, ranging from ‘EX-centric’ benefits to ‘Business-centric’ benefits:

It’s important for to be mindful of these benefits so that organizations can consider which they can declare as a goal and quantify or measure over time. To learn more about the eight benefits detailed in the infographic, check out Forrester’s keynote session here – and listen as J. P. walks us through these direct and indirect benefits of hybrid work.

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