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The Green Grid Whitepaper Bonanza!

Following on from this week’s successful Technical Forum, The Green Grid yesterday announced not only the availability of the presentations from the conference, but a whole raft of brand new whitepapers.

New content featured at the Technical Forum included the following:

  • Data Center Maturity Model and White Paper
  • Understanding and Engaging Utility Incentive Programs White Paper
  • An Analysis of Server Virtualization Utility Incentives White Paper
  • Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE™): A Green Grid Sustainability Metric White Paper
  • Harmonizing Global Metrics For Data Center Energy Efficiency – February 2011 Report
  • Qualitative Analysis of Cooling Architectures White Paper

All of the Technical Forum presentations are available for download in the Library and Tools section including two excellent keynote presentations by Skip Laitner, ACEEE, and Rob Atkinson, ITIF.

Happy reading. If you get through this lot I reckon you’ll be about ready to build your own Data Center..

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