Aug 23, 2018 Navin Bagga

Thin Client Management with 1E Nomad

Thin Client Management with 1E Nomad

In this latest whitepaper, you can have a look at how easy it is to extend the simplicity of the 1E Nomad solution to environments which are either already on Thin Clients OR planning a move towards Thin Client computing. In such environments, management of the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is central, as such the corporate windows image that is served to the end user sessions can be managed centrally with much more ease and available to multiple users straight away. The same applies to patching and updates as and when required considerably reducing the load of distributing such content on the network. However, this still leaves a management point to be looked after – which is the Thin Client itself which runs a limited Operating System that will require regular maintenance, break-fix, and patching support.

In addition, Thin Clients have been increasing in numbers consistently in many enterprise environments and although they present significant cost savings, such devices bring their own unique challenges when it comes to management, compliance and protecting the end user experience. For 1E’s Nomad solution, it’s ‘business as usual’ with this class of devices and in this whitepaper, we discuss what challenges a typical enterprise organization is likely to run into and how such devices can be managed using 1E Nomad.

To learn more, download the Thin Client Management whitepaper here.

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