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UK Business Is Wasting £6Bn Through Energy Inefficiencies

We’ve been sharing our vision of efficiency and elimination of waste for businesses for over 10 years now, but it seems that one or two businesses weren’t listening!

From Carbon Connect:

UK MP Chris Huhne welcomed a report explaining how energy efficiency in the private sector can save business £6 billion a year, cut carbon and safeguard UK fuel-security. The result of an inquiry by Carbon Connect, the report “Energy Efficiency: The Untapped Business Opportunity” has cross-parliamentary party approval and backing from across the private sector.

The report describes how business can reduce their energy use and makes 15 recommendations for how central government and the private sector can work together to implement an “Energy Management Hierarch” and focus on greenhouse gas reporting, project financing, skills and support to SMEs, alongside the role of the commercial property sector.

Only last week, the United Nation’s called for 2% of worldwide income to be invested in an energy-efficient “green economy”. The UK already has a framework of incentives to encourage the generation of renewable energy. If government and the private sector follow the recommendations of this report, the UK can develop a thriving market for investment in energy efficiency too. Through this, business can help the drive towards a low-carbon United Kingdom.

Carbon Connect is an independent not-for-profit coalition, which seeks to examine the key challenges and opportunities resulting from the transition to a low carbon economy. For more information, see

Obviously energy saving is an enormous subject to tackle head on for any business. At 1E we pride ourselves in being the market leader in Energy Efficient IT solutions such as our PC Power Management software which has to date reduced worldwide carbon emissions by over 4,500 million tons.

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