Wasting Energy is a “bad habit,” companies falling behind

Thomas McGrath
Thomas McGrath
Jan 20, 2011

Greenbang has an article posted today citing a survey by 1E and the Alliance to Save Energy from a couple years ago, where it was determined that US companies alone losing $2.8 billion a year in wasted energy costs.

According to today’s Greenbang article, it appears that another company has produced a similar survey, and their results indicate that things have not changed much since the original 1E survey.

From the article a large number of employees are frustrated by their companies’ lack of initiative on reducing costs, waste and consumption. In that study, 48 per cent of those polled said they hadn’t participated in any company effort to boost sustainability in the previous year. And a full 44 per cent said they would consider leaving their jobs if they believed their employers weren’t operating sustainably … a pretty astounding figure, considering the current hiring landscape.

Read the full article: Firms fail in energy

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