Webinar: New research finds $12.3bn software waste–May 12th, 2011

Thomas McGrath
Thomas McGrath
May 03, 2011

AppClarity Did you know that more than $12.3 billion is spent to maintain unused software and shelfware each year in the United States? That’s more than $400 spent per PC on unused software and an additional $150 spent on shelfware per user per year.

1E recently commissioned independent research in association with the International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (IAITAM) and the Federation Against Software Theft Investors in Software (FASTIiS) that surveyed more than 500 IT professionals, each responsible for managing software licenses at companies with more than 500 employees – and what we found astounded us.

Please join us for an interactive discussion with 1E experts, who will share the results of the 2011 Software Efficiency Report and examine the underlying factors driving the endemic of software waste in U.S. organizations. Together we will explore:

  • The amount of unused software, as well as licensing and shelfware waste trends within U.S. organizations
  • Best practices for battling the increased complexity of software licensing management and surviving vendor audits
  • 1E’s latest product, AppClarity, which financially quantifies and eliminates software waste within organizations

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