Whitepaper: How to Green Your Data Center

Phil Wilcock
Feb 14, 2011

Great little publication here from consulting firm Teladata and the excellent non-profit IMFA Foundation. It’s quite an in-depth guide to ‘greening’ your data center, from planning through to execution.

It starts out with how to approach your plan, working through power measurement including PUE, virtualization and consolidation, and even includes a section on how to retire your obsolete IT assets in a sustainable way. A section on server power management in more detail would have been useful however!

Green paper There are some useful ‘cheat sheet’ tables which detail each task, the cost level and benefits so that you can easily prioritize your actions.

Several useful case studies are included so you can see how others have done things, and right at the end there is even a letter of communication which can be used to put your case across to the execs who need convincing. Cool!

All in all a useful resource to have if you are thinking of embarking on an IT For Sustainability (ITFS) project in your data centers, although you need to remember that servers can be power managed and monitored to achieve maximum savings rather that simple consolidating and decommissioning.

Take a look at the paper here.

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