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William Shatner and 1E at Cisco Live #cl11

Can you believe it? On Thursday at Cisco Live, Captain Kirk takes the stage. What an awesome event this is going to be!

Cisco Live

As the “Captain” of the Enterprise, I’m sure the 23rd century is a hoot, and I’m sure datacenter efficiency has already been mastered by Montgomery Scott. But, in our time, we are just delving into it. Fortunately, just as the Enterprise pioneered so much of our future, 1E is already pioneering datacenter efficiency for the masses today. I’m sure Scottie will eventually give us a footnote in history, and Kirk will make a comment in his Captain’s log, concerning our NightWatchman Server Edition solution. It’s not dilithium crystal technology, but it’s pretty close.

Check it out when you get a chance:

And, make sure to stop by 1E booth 2140 to hear all about it.

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