“With high technology, business is often going to be ahead of government” says 1E CEO in TIME interview

Thomas McGrath
Thomas McGrath
Jul 18, 2011

TIME TIME blogger, Bryan Walsh, has an excellent piece and commentary on “Why Fighting Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs Is So Stupid”. The way Bryan puts it makes completely sense. This shouldn’t be about light bulbs at all, it should be about creating efficiency and building examples of efficiency, that ultimately resolves our hunger and madness for energy.

But, should government be the standards body in this situation? 1E’s CEO, Sumir Karayi, puts it into perspective. From the article:

Obviously government standards that would require more energy-efficient IT would be a boon for 1E, but Karayi would prefer to let industry make its own standards. “With high technology, business is often going to be ahead of government,” says Karayi. “You risk having inferior technologies frozen in place.”

Read the full article:

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