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1E customer Newham University Hospitals NHS Trust snaps up public sector project of the year in the Greenbang 2011 Efficiency Awards


London & New York, Thursday 25th November 2011 – 1E (, the global leader in Efficient IT solutions, today announced that customer Newham University Hospitals NHS Trust has won Public Sector Project of the year at the Greenbang 2011 Efficiency Awards. Now in their second year, the awards recognize the top efficiency-building technologies, projects, people and companies.

Although achieving IT efficiency gains is important, in public sector organisations it’s also crucial for frontline staff to stay focused on their jobs, without any disruption caused by IT. Newham University Hospital is an acute hospital, operational 24 hours a day, and the efficiency programme implemented was designed to have zero or minimal impact on that.

“We have been looking at efficiency for several years, with IT being part of a bigger jigsaw designed to reduce overall carbon emissions, to put us in a relatively good position as energy prices rise. We’re thrilled to be recognised by the Greenbang Efficiency awards for our efforts to be greener, more efficient and work smarter with the IT we have,” comments Shaun Jeffery, ICT Operations Manager, Newham University Hospital NHS Trust.

“Our work with advanced PC power management from 1E shows that it is possible to make significant energy savings without disrupting the work of frontline staff. In just one year, we saved £18,500 and reduced our carbon emissions by approximately 143 tonnes. We’re now looking to measure server efficiency and identify how many are not doing anything useful, with a view to decommissioning or repurposing them. It is widely believed that 15% of servers are not doing any useful work, so we expect to see more efficiency savings here,” concludes Jeffery.

Sumir Karayi, CEO, says: “It´s always rewarding to see our customers reap the benefits of deploying our Efficient IT solutions. All the more so when their projects win awards and are recognised as best-in-class. Newham University Hospital recently came 11th out of 150 hospitals in the 2010-2011 CRC Performance League Table, ending up in the top 7% overall. The hospital is quite clearly leading the charge with the adoption of sustainable practices and Green IT adoption.”

The winning London 2012 Olympic Games bid was founded on the sustainable principles of the local community in Newham. Newham University Hospital was also awarded ‘Greenest Hospital’ at the Healthcare, Excellence and Leadership (HEAL) 2010 awards and picked up a runner up nomination at this year’s Green IT awards.

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