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1E, Efficient IT leader, launches in France


Launch could bring nationwide savings of approximately €725 million per year in energy costs alone and reduce carbon emissions by around one million metric tonnes of CO2

Paris, France, Embargoed until 09.00 BST, 22nd September 2011 – 1E, the global leader in Efficient IT solutions, today announced its expansion into France. The company’s presence in the region will help it address the needs of local customers more effectively and efficiently.

Sumir Karayi, CEO, 1E, says, “Globally, over the past five years, approximately €6 trillion has been spent on IT. The pressure is on for CIOs to run today’s IT environments like businesses – delivering better levels of service at lower cost.”

“There are steps that can be taken quickly, both to reduce the cost of IT and eliminate IT waste, and to make IT energy use more efficient in the face of rising energy costs. If every corporate PC and server in France were being efficiently power managed, the French economy could save approximately €725 million per year in energy costs and reduce carbon emissions by around one million metric tonnes of CO2 by eliminating servers that are not being used and by switching PCs off overnight and on weekends,i   ”adds Karayi.

With its entry into France, 1E will make its entire suite of efficient IT solutions available immediately, including:

  • NightWatchman® Enterprise – the market-leading, most comprehensive PC power management solution available today. It combats the 50% of PCs that are left on, draining power unnecessarily, overnight and on weekends.
  • NightWatchman® Server Edition – that addresses the €17 billion wasted by running servers that are not doing any Useful Work.
  • Nomad Enterprise™ – which uses spare network bandwidth to deliver operating system upgrades, software deployments and patches safely and securely to thousands of PCs and servers, day or night, with zero disruption. This removes the need for branch servers or desk-side visits – reducing your existing server footprint and administrative overhead.
  • Shopping™ – an `app store` for the enterprise which enables software self-service and automates the request, approval and delivery process, meaning that users can download the software and services they need at any time and within minutes. This minimizes software requests to the helpdesk and delivering savings of €28 on average per request.
  • AppClarity™ – which immediately identifies and accurately quantifies software waste, empowering organizations to automatically reclaim software assets, making it possible for them to only use – and pay for – the software and licenses they need.

The 1E suite of Efficient IT solutions has helped its customers achieve €740 million in efficiency savings; €407 million in energy savings alone. That is the equivalent of 4.1 million metric tonnes of CO2 or taking around 750,000 passenger cars off the roads.

In 2010, 1E experienced record 60% growth, adding four million licenses of 1E software to its existing customer base. The EMEA operation of 1E holds key customer accounts including Saint-Gobain, Société Générale, EDF Energy, CSC, Dell, HSBC, Nestlé and Syngenta.

The 1E French team is based in the 8th arrondissement in Paris.

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Namita Tendolkar,
Communications for 1E

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