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1E endorses the EU code of conduct for Data Center Energy Efficiency


NightWatchman® Server Edition Meets the Goals of the EU Code of Conduct for Data Center Energy Efficiency, 1E says

Europe, Thursday 29th April 2010 – 1E, a software and services company that improves IT efficiency by identifying and reducing costs and waste in hardware, software, energy and time, today joined forces with other leading technology vendors by confirming its endorsement of the European Union (EU) Code of Conduct for Data Center Energy Efficiency.

The EU Code of Conduct provides guidelines, recommendations and examples of best practice for data center managers, vendors, consultancies, utilities, Government, industry bodies and educational institutions. It is focused on design in areas such as software, IT architecture and infrastructure, which aim to inform and encourage them to reduce energy consumption without hampering the performance of such facilities. The Code of Conduct was established with a view to advancing a reduction in energy consumption in the European Union of up to 20%i.

According to UK government body, DEFRA, data centers housing computer servers for industry, businesses and administrations across Europe consumed 56TWh of electricity in 2007 and are responsible for almost three per cent of electricity use in the UK. Recent research, conducted by 1E and supported by the Alliance to Save Energyii, suggests that more than 15% of the world’s servers are simply not doing anything useful. Those 4.7m unused servers, suggest that server managers are grappling with up to $25bn of IT waste each year.iii

“At 1E, we have always looked at IT inefficiency as an opportunity for innovation. Nearly 10 years ago we pioneered PC power management and have since saved our clients approximately $350m in energy costs alone. We are committed to combating the needless cost and energy consumption from IT waste. Our latest innovation, NightWatchman® Server Edition enables end user organizations to monitor, measure and ultimately minimize energy consumption in their data centers. Its inception reflects the goal set by the EU Code of Conduct for Data Center Energy Efficiency,” adds Sumir Karayi, CEO, 1E.

NightWatchman® Server Edition, which was recently awarded ‘Minister of Energy’ at the 2010 Green IT awards, revolutionizes data center efficiency and server power management by measuring Useful Work across both physical and virtual servers. It provides the ability to reduce energy consumption across servers without any loss of availability by continually analyzing how much power is being used by business applications and how much is being wasted on unproductive processes. NightWatchman® Server Edition is the key to data center consolidation, making servers more efficient by reducing power draw and helping to identify and redeploy or decommission unproductive servers.

i The objective set by the EU is to harness cost-effective energy savings for Europe equivalent to 20% of the EU’s current energy use. This means reducing the amount we spend on energy, mainly imported hydrocarbons, by € 60 billion per annum or the present combined energy consumption of Germany and Finland
ii 1E/Alliance to Save Energy Server Energy & Efficiency study 2009
iii 1E/Alliance to Save Energy Server Energy & Efficiency study 2009

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