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1E helps Peterborough city council reduce its carbon footprint


NightWatchman solution will save £50,000 and one tonne of CO2 emissions every year Project expected to deliver return on investment in just three months

London, UK – 8 August 2007 – Peterborough City Council has selected NightWatchman® from 1E, the UK­based global provider of Windows management software, to cut costs, conserve energy and reduce carbon footprints across its PC infrastructure.

A unitary council employing 4,500 staff and serving 170,000 residents, Peterborough City Council recently calculated that 30 per cent of its PCs were being left switched on during evenings and weekends ­ costing the authority up to £60 per machine per year, whilst also generating unnecessary carbon emissions. The UK Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR ’07) and UK Climate Change Programme 2006 added further pressure, making tackling this issue a major priority across the public sector.

By deploying NightWatchman, the authority predicts cost savings of £50,000 every year and CO2 reductions amounting to one metric tonne per annum. Significantly, the project is also expected to deliver return on investment in less than three months.

NightWatchman provides intelligent, automated shut­down of organisations’ PCs overnight and at weekends, enabling customers to reduce their energy bills, power consumption and environment impact, whilst still allowing essential IT maintenance to be carried out. Soeffective is NightWatchman at cutting PC energy bills that the software typically pays for itself within six months.

“We are naturally delighted to help Peterborough City Council reduce its PC power consumption,” comments Sumir Karayi, CEO, 1E. “At a time when organisations are paying more attention than ever before to their carbon footprints, NightWatchman represents that rarest of things ­ a solution that keeps IT managers, CIOs and CEOs happy at the same time,” he adds.

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