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1E integrates Nomad and NightWatchman to improve Enterprise Software / Patch Distribution and enhance Windows 8.x Deployments


New Versions of Flagship Software Solutions—Nomad 5.5 and NightWatchman 7.0—Help Organizations to Run IT for Less

London and New York, November 21, 2014: 1E, the global leader in IT efficiency software, today unveiled notable enhancements to its leading software deployment solution, Nomad, and its market-leading PC power management software, NightWatchman. The two products now seamlessly integrate, providing the most resilient and highly available approach to enterprise software and patch deployment on the market and further enhance Microsoft SCCM environments.

With approximately 20 million seats of Nomad and NightWatchman deployed to date, the integration will provide significant value to a number of the world’s largest enterprises. Nomad, the solution of choice for the largest enterprises in the world, is the only SCCM enhancement that has a more than 10-year proven track record of removing more than 95% of servers required to support the systems management infrastructure.

Conventional methods of software deployment are costly, complex and manual. The challenge of deploying upgrades and patches is only compounded further when particular PCs are in sleep mode when the time comes to distribute such upgrades. As a result, many IT organizations struggle to thoroughly understand the current condition of the PC estate and ensure all PCs have the latest software – potentially putting business at risk due to gaps in security and compliance.

To alleviate this burden, give IT greater control and improve IT efficiency, Nomad 5.5 now integrates with the WakeUp component of NightWatchman 7.0 to automatically wake up machines that contain useful content such as application updates when another PC within a site requires that content. If a PC requires a software application (or update) and a peer PC within the same site has downloaded the content already, it can be shared locally, even when in a low-power (sleep) mode, eliminating the need to download the content again.

Additionally, PXE Everywhere – bundled with Nomad – now provides industry leading UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) support for the latest PCs and Windows 8.x. UEFI support allows 1E customers to carry out bare-metal Windows 8.x deployments to these devices using Microsoft SCCM, dramatically reducing the cost and complexity of imaging PCs with the latest Operating Systems.

Leading global recruitment firm SThree has a diverse estate of 40 offices in 19 countries, with a dynamic culture of organic growth that sees new satellite offices opening around the world on a regular basis. The speed, ease and seamless integration offered by Nomad made it the clear choice for SThree to use to deploy 3,000 images with an aggressive time plan early in the New Year.

“We didn’t want another complicated technology that would require setting up a new architecture,” said Garry Lengthorn, Director of IT services at SThree. “Nomad works out of the box with our current SCCM infrastructure quickly and flexibly.”

In addition to Nomad compatibility, NightWatchman 7.0 also includes several new features, including the PC Estate Explorer (Query UI), providing immediate visibility into an organization’s PC landscape.

This feature enables IT administrators to browse PCs by hardware type, power policy, location, IP range, organizational tier, subnet, or any custom query. They can subsequently run tasks, such as on-demand wakeups, sleep or power offs, custom scripts, or even execute applications on the selected PCs.

“While both Nomad and NightWatchman are best of breed offerings in software deployment and power management, respectively, their integration represents a situation in which the whole is far greater than the sum of their parts,” said Paul Parke, Vice President of Product and Corporate Marketing at 1E. “We are bringing game-changing functionality to customers that will continue to allow them to optimize IT delivery and whilst achieving measurable savings.

Nomad 5.5 and NightWatchman 7.0 are available immediately worldwide. For more information, visit

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