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1E launches AppClarity 4.0 – Software License Optimization for Servers and PCs


AppClarity’s integrated approach ensures unique software usage visibility and vendor audit compliance for server and desktop software licenses in the same console

London and New York, March 7, 2013: 1E, the global leader in IT efficiency software, today announces the release of 1E AppClarity 4.0, the software license optimization solution which immediately identifies all the software deployed across an organization’s IT estate and identifies what is unused. Now reporting on unused software on servers as well as on PCs, AppClarity 4.0 offers unparalleled insight into the usage of applications across an entire organization, enabling significant cost reductions as well ensuring license compliance for software vendor audits.

According to Forrester Research, Inc. , 16 percent of the IT budget was spent on software in 2012, and recent research from 1E shows that just 39 percent of UK, French and North American companies track software usage across their IT environment, even though this is proven to save organizations millions of dollars, delivering value in just a matter of days.

Without accurate, centralised insight into how software is deployed and used, enterprises also run the risk of non-compliance and face large unbudgeted true up bills if vendor audits identify unlicensed installations. Due to the complexity of server software licensing, to ensure compliance, organizations tend to over purchase to make sure that they are not at risk. This can cost significant sums across a complex server estate. Additionally, many organizations believe that standard systems management tools will suffice when it comes to managing their software inventory and accurately identifying the license requirement across the server landscape – they simply fail to comprehend the enormity of the problem. AppClarity 4.0 cuts through this complexity to provide instantly a simple, clear view of the whole estate to the software asset manager.

AppClarity 4.0 uses 1E’s patented ‘Useful Work’ technology to identify whether server applications are in active use. This functionality enables organizations to quickly and confidently identify unused server software and look at whether to reclaim and recycle licences, and thereby prevent the purchase of unnecessary additional software licenses or re-negotiate maintenance agreements to achieve significant cost reductions.

AppClarity 4.0 introduces an optional vendor-specific optimization module specifically targeted at reducing organizations’ VMware® license costs. By identifying over-licensed VMWare servers, based on their feature usage, the VMware Optimization Module offers organizations a chance to ‘right-license’ their installations. In addition, AppClarity 4.0 will intelligently predict VMware licensing requirements for new servers enabling the purchase of appropriate editions rather than over-licensing by default.

“Our experience shows that firms have more than $400 per PC of software that isn’t being used, a value that can run into thousands per server. Faced with complex and inconsistent licensing rules, and without a clear understanding of whether the software installed on their servers is actually doing anything useful, organizations have fallen into the trap of overspending on licenses or risking non-compliance,” says Sumir Karayi, CEO of 1E. “With AppClarity 4.0, organizations have the means to replicate their desktop software cost savings across their server estates quickly, redressing the software balance without delay, and subsequently ending this cycle of paying far too much for software licenses due to lack of insight and fear of unexpected vendor charges .”For further information about AppClarity version 4.0, take a look at the product sheet.

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Communications for 1E

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