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1E launches NightWatchman 5.5


Latest version of market leading software adds NightWatchman Console and Sleepless Client Detection

London & New York 26 January 2009 – 1E, a leading provider of Windows management software and services designed to reduce costs within the business environment, today announces a significant upgrade with the launch of NightWatchman 5.5, the latest version of its market leading software, designed to simplify the PC Power Management process and implementation.

Already installed across 2.5 million PCs globally, NightWatchman enhances the power management capabilities of a customer’s computer and combines this with an effective scheduling system in a single, easy-to-use package. Using NightWatchman customers can define company-wide power saving policies, schedule machines to wake themselves up or power-down, and save documents automatically, ensuring that organizations are able to effectively and efficiently save money within their IT infrastructure. NightWatchman 5.5 now provides an additional level of functionality to the IT administrator through the introduction of the NightWatchman Console and Sleepless Client Detection.

The NightWatchman Console makes PC Power Management even easier, enabling administrators to centrally control PCs under their remit without requiring existing Systems Management in place. The additional functionality ensures that organisations in the SME-sized category are now able to take advantage of the benefits of NightWatchman without the need to implement a Systems Management solution, ensuring that organizations across the board are able to significantly reduce their operational costs.

Sleepless Client Detection (SCD) addresses the problem of machines not going to sleep when expected. SCD enables NightWatchman to understand and recognize many of the common reasons why PCs are prevented from entering low power states and overrides these measures to ensure that every machine goes to sleep when it should.

Sumir Karayi, CEO of 1E, commented, “We have been working hard to ensure that we solve any problems that our customers, both current and future, may face when trying to manage the power usage of their PCs. I’m extremely pleased with the extra functionality that NightWatchman 5.5 offers, which enables our customers to make significant cost savings while at the same time minimizing their carbon footprint.”

NightWatchman is designed to power down PCs across an enterprise – at a scheduled time. NightWatchman checks to see if a user is logged on, saves any unsaved documents, and either turns the PC off or puts it to sleep. Administrators can:

  • Schedule power down events (shut down, sleep, or hibernate)
  • Schedule machines to wake themselves from sleep or hibernate so they are ready to use when the user arrives in the morning (Alarm Clock feature)
  • Schedule Maintenance Windows when machines will wake themselves overnight for a period to perform scheduled maintenance tasks.
  • Provide detailed power consumption reports to prove the savings that PC power management is delivering in both cost and CO2 reduction.

Media Contact

Namita Tendolkar,
Communications for 1E

[email protected]

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