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1E Launches Tachyon 5.0 to Help IT Deliver World-class End User Experience


1E Tachyon Platform Now Gives IT Unprecedented Insight into Device Responsiveness through Patented Synthetic Transaction Capability

LONDON (February 26, 2020)— The number one tool affecting employee productivity and experience is the user’s endpoint. But for too long, IT has had limited visibility into the responsiveness of those endpoints and the tools required to optimize them. In order to improve the experience users have with their endpoints, today 1E is building on its modern management capability by introducing an industry-first holistic digital experience monitoring and remediation tool. By combining this capability with Tachyon’s existing real-time endpoint control, self-servicing capability, and IT task automation, Tachyon 5.0 significantly improves employee experiences in the digital enterprise.

Supporting employee experience
As more businesses transition to a modern, digital workplace, the reliance of end-users on their devices to create and deliver value grows exponentially. This puts an increasing amount of pressure on IT to get more done every single day. And on top of this, employees want to be able to work from anywhere, do meaningful work without interruptions, and be as autonomous as possible. The problem is that most IT tools lack the holistic visibility into device experience as well as the right tools to do anything about it, creating a negative employee experience.

An experience only Tachyon can deliver
With Tachyon 5.0’s single-agent, real-time IT platform, these challenges have been addressed.  Tachyon now provides IT visibility into the status of remote devices across an entire estate from a single dashboard.  By using synthetic ‘microtransactions’ (so called because they execute in milliseconds) to periodically test the impact of a load on the environment, Tachyon 5.0 identifies which processes are interfering with normal operation, and in what way. This allows for a highly accurate understanding of device responsiveness and performance—indicators that can improve EX.

This capability to quickly detect an array of issues – including unresponsive devices, cyber threats, and configuration issues, allows IT to more rapidly address these problems before they become broader crises.  And with the power of Tachyon’s ability to remediate issues  in real-time, IT has a tool that can put fixes in place faster, as well as then set policies so they don’t become issues for other devices.  The result is IT efficiency, reduced support tickets, and ultimately employees having the technology they need to be productive in their work.

Designed for IT leaders by IT leaders
1E has created Tachyon so that it can be easily deployed and integrated into the modern enterprise IT environment.  The entire platform and all functionality is based on a single agent, and uses single packet exchange for most IT operations.  Furthermore, as Tachyon was built based on API first engineering principles, it builds on existing platforms such as ServiceNow by offering genuine task automation and self-servicing capability. Finally, as Tachyon was engineered to be extensible, it will serve as the platform for future enhancements to the 1E product portfolio.

“As a global leader in workplace services for enterprises, NTT DATA is continuously looking for ways to accelerate our client’s digital transformation programs and foster better employee and user experience,” said Bogdan Udrea, Senior Director, Workplace Services, NTT DATA, a recognized leader in global technology services. “As a result, we partnered with 1E over the last year to leverage the Tachyon platform to collect real-time prescriptive insights and drive proactive remediations and drift control across large scale environments, enabling us to reduce IT complexity for our clients and move to XLA-driven service models.”

“IT teams are under tremendous pressure to support a positive employee experience in the digital workplace — where users require choice, want to work anywhere, and do meaningful work without interruptions,” said Sumir Karayi, CEO at 1E. “With Tachyon 5.0, IT teams finally have a modern management tool specifically designed to support the employee digital experience; so IT can be proactive, responsive and respected throughout the organization.”

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About 1E
1E provides the industry’s only real-time, modern endpoint management solution that enables IT teams to deliver a reliable, world-class employee device experience across the entire IT landscape. With 1E’s Tachyon Platform, IT can work efficiently and proactively to ensure optimal stability, performance and responsiveness of every endpoint, immediately remediate out-of-policy devices and achieve guaranteed state to support maximum user productivity. Used to manage over 13 million endpoints at 1,000+ global organizations, 1E solutions allow IT Teams to take control of their endless to do list, automate routine tasks and deliver increased value to their organizations. To learn more, visit

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