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1E pulls away from other vendors in the PC Power Management landscape, says Ovum


This is ‘largely because of its high revenues, and its broad geographical and customer size-band reach’, says independent analyst firm [i]

London & New York, 11 January 2012 1E, the global leader in IT efficiency, ranks highest across a number of criteria assessing the leaders of the PC power management (PCPM) landscape worldwide, according to a new Ovum report.

1E receives first place ranking in terms of reporting capabilities in Ovum’s Selecting a PC Power Management Solution Vendor industry solutions guide, a qualitative and quantitative analysis published in late December 2011. Leading PC Power Management (PCPM) vendors were rated on their technology, market impact and reporting capabilities. 1E scores top marks for solution maturity, functional depth and breadth, strategy and execution, scalability, PCPM revenue, customer size-band reach, geographical reach, and reporting. It also scores highly in remote configuration management, usability and security.

Rhonda Ascierto, Ovum senior analyst for energy and sustainability technology and author of the report, says, “NightWatchman® Enterprise should be shortlisted by mid to large-size organizations that seek a best-of-breed, stand-alone PCPM solution that can also perform patch management and PC health remediation. NightWatchman Enterprise is an excellent choice for organizations with a focus on sustainability because its reports include CO2 consumption and savings, which can feed into company-wide sustainability reports.”

1E ranks as the reporting leader by virtue of its expansive breadth and depth of reporting capabilities, according to the guide. NightWatchman Enterprise from 1E includes what-if analysis, which can compare actual and hypothetical groups of machines by make and model, software installed, or any other type of metric. This yields power-usage data for modeling for PC refresh cycles, as well as for determining the most energy-efficient deployment configurations.

“Among its strengths, NightWatchman Enterprise features robust PC insomnia capabilities called Advanced Sleepless Client Detection, whose breadth and depth is a competitive differentiator. It reports on processes that prevent PCs from sleeping, such as anti-virus software and screensavers, and allows administrators to automatically override them,” continues Ascierto.

“PC power management (PCPM) solutions can be a cost-effective way for organizations to reduce energy consumption, and therefore operating costs (…) They deliver a fast return on investment [ii] (and) can save organizations about $36 per computer per year just in computer power consumption. (…) This typically equates to a 40% reduction in PC power costs or 380 kWh per PC per year or 586 pounds of CO2 per user per year [iii],” concludes Ascierto.

“We are thrilled with this accolade from Ovum,” comments Sumir Karayi, CEO, 1E. “PC power management is just one part of the IT efficiency jigsaw and 1E is dedicated to working with our customers to help them achieve maximum savings by identifying unused IT, removing it and optimizing everything else.”

While 1E’s heritage is as a pioneer of PC power management, the business has branched into IT efficiency, also offering NightWatchman® Server Edition for server efficiency and power management; Nomad Enterprise™ bandwidth optimisation technology for rapid, non-disruptive and secure deployment of patches, software and operating systems; IT self-service software provisioning via its corporate app store Shopping™ and software asset management with AppClarity™. It is a Microsoft Gold Partner and also partners with Cisco EnergyWise and Dell.

An extract of Ovum’s report can be downloaded from the 1E website by following this link:

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