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1E reaches $1bn in customer savings by continuing to lead charge against excess in corporate IT; identifies key IT Efficiency trends for 2011


1E Expands IT Efficiency Leadership in 2010 with Record Revenue Growth and Strong Customer Demand

LONDON & NEW YORK – 10th February, 2011 – 1E, the global leader in IT efficiency software, reached $1 billion in customer savings in 2010 by continuing to lead the charge against excess in corporate IT by helping organizations of all sizes identify and eliminate inefficiencies and costs associated with hardware, software, energy and time. An additional four million licenses of 1E software were sold in 2010 and 1E year over year revenue grew by 60 percent.

“In helping our customers make milestone savings, we are solidifying our strong leadership position in the enterprise IT efficiency market,” says Sumir Karayi, CEO of 1E. “As we enter a new year, many organizations worldwide are placing a renewed focus on `greening` their enterprises, but some may feel daunted by the challenge and become paralyzed by inaction. At 1E, we not only work with our customers to develop long-term efficiency strategies, but also help them think in terms of today so that they can take actionable steps to implement power management policies, automate processes and reduce excess in IT across their organizations.”

Discovering New Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

Based on feedback from its large customer community, 1E expects the below topics to impact 2011.

  • Standardization: In 2011, the growing focus on sustainability will become a standard mantra for enterprises of all sizes. Companies will focus on identifying and reducing excess in IT, leading to increased levels of IT automation and self-service, as well as an increasing demand for tools that can accurately quantify and report on sustainability efforts. In addition, an aggressive push within U.S. Federal and international energy-efficiency policy reform will tackle issues such as CO2 emissions reduction and cap-and-trade, while more utility companies will offer enterprises incentive programs to increase efficiency.
  • Realization: There will be a stronger understanding of the limitations of “silver bullet” technologies. For instance, enterprises that tapped the power of virtualization in 2010 will realize the potential pitfalls, such as virtual server sprawl, and make a concerted effort to manage problems and attain the greatest possible benefit from such initiatives. Enterprises will also look to streamline time-intensive deployments, such as Windows 7 migration, to maximize the value of upgrading while limiting the investment from IT. Likewise, forward-thinking companies will take pragmatic steps today toward achieving the Smart Grid promise of tomorrow rather than waiting for the vision to become reality.
  • Escalation: On a global basis, IT purchases will be $1,690 billion in 2011i and the continued proliferation of enterprise technology will bring more excess, creating a greater opportunity for billions of dollars in savings and spurring more companies into action. Luckily, 2011 will also bring a rise in proven IT efficiency solutions, even offered in the cloud, providing organizations of all sizes more opportunity to create more efficient infrastructures. In addition, as the sustainability industry matures, more green-focused jobs will emerge in the next 12 months. The growth will be most notable at the top, with more senior-level, strategic positions focused on sustainability than ever before and the role of the chief sustainability officer quickly becoming one of the most valued roles in the enterprise.

Delivering Innovation

  • NightWatchman® 6.0: Recommended by Microsoft as a best-of-breed solution for desktop power management, 1E`s flagship software solution NightWatchman, is today the world`s most comprehensive software for securely, remotely and centrally power managing PCs and Macs. With more than 4.6 million licenses sold, organizations worldwide have realized significantly lower energy costs without impacting user productivity by powering down computers remotely and automatically overnight and at weekends. With the recent launch of NightWatchman 6.0, organizations are gaining deeper insight into their operations while driving automation and efficiencies across their physical and virtual IT environments.
  • NightWatchman® Server Edition 2.0: Also launched in 2010, NightWatchman Server Edition 2.0 works to identify the $24.7 billion of IT spend wasted each year on physical and virtual servers not doing any Useful Work™. As sprawl—servers left on the network passively wasting energy and licenses doing no useful work—becomes one of the leading hidden costs of running servers, NightWatchman Server Edition relates energy use to business productivity, providing a new insight into the real value of each server. Enhanced by 1E`s tight partnerships with VMware and Microsoft, NightWatchman Server Edition 2.0 quantifies the true business value provided from the energy and server resources used to run physical and virtualized infrastructures.
  • Shopping™ 3.2: 1E`s new and enhanced Shopping 3.2 delivers a simple, self-service software deployment portal that empowers users to locate and automatically install the software they need to do their jobs without help desk intervention. To help organizations better understand IT user perceptions and reduce IT operational waste, 1E also released new research outlining major trends in software management and distribution entitled: Help Desk Efficiency Report. This study provides best practices for reducing the estimated $8.6 billion wasted annually on inefficient software licensing practices.

Driving Discussion

Recently joining the Alliance to Save Energy in a presentation on “Advancing Energy Efficiency in Global Efforts to Create 21st Century Electric Grids” at the United Nations Climate Change Conference Cancún, 1E President Nick Milne-Home discussed the integral role of IT in building effective smart grids by significantly impacting energy consumption and reducing carbon emissions and challenged participants to begin taking pragmatic steps immediately in their homes and businesses.

Additionally, 1E held a webinar and Q&A discussion conducted with Forrester Research analyst Doug Washburn and 1E customer Dell Inc. Participants discussed how to unlock the potential of IT efficiency across their organizations and learned how Dell is saving $36 (£25) per user, per year with 1E`s NightWatchman across 50,000+ desktops with an ROI in just seven and a half months. These ongoing, collaborative discussions have led to continued technology innovation and customer success.

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Communications for 1E

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