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1E simplifies & reduces cost of Windows® 7 deployment with Nomad Enterprise™


London and New York, Monday 9th November 2009 – 1E, a leading provider of software and services which reduce organizations’ IT costs and environmental footprint, today announced that its Nomad Enterprise™ solution is the key to enabling simple Windows 7 deployments.

Migrating to Windows 7 presents one of the most exciting challenges for IT departments today. The deployment of Operating Systems across large, distributed organizations can be a long, complex process and an expensive task. With the frequency and size of OS and software updates increasing and constrained IT budgets, the challenge becomes even more apparent. Nomad Enterprise consists of two solutions, Nomad Branch and PXE Lite. It uses patented technology to optimize network efficiency and performance, enabling server consolidation and allowing customers to get the most out of their existing networks, avoiding costly network upgrades and the requirement for additional hardware:

  • Nomad Branch® distributes systems management data once over the WAN and then shares it locally with peer agents in branch offices, with or without multicast. No physical visits to the branch sites are required. 
  • PXE Lite provides network booting capabilities without the need for separate server hardware, thereby reducing costs and making efficient use of network bandwidth and enabling real zerotouch bare-metal OS deployments.

Sumir Karayi, CEO, 1E says: “Many organizations have not performed a mass OS migration for several years as their last large-scale rollout would have been XP. There have been significant advances and innovations in deployment technologies since then. Gartner recommends that organizations should start working on migration projects nowi and our goal is to help organizations move towards that goal quickly. Over the last ten years, 1E has solidified its expertise in leading hundreds of global Windows migrations. We know how to make deploying new operating systems as simple as deploying software. Our unique combination of experience and software solutions will take the pain out of complex OS deployments even in the largest, geographically dispersed organizations while keeping the costs down and with zero disruption to business applications.”

Already installed across more than 2.5 million seats worldwide, including many 100,000 seat organizations such as Verizon Wireless and Nestlé, Nomad Enterprise 3.2 helps organizations reduce the cost of managing their branch sites with proven, scalable technology, typically delivering an ROI in less than six months.

1E Professional Services

Planning for Windows 7 or unsure how to work towards it? Or just in need of software to enhance your existing deployment solutions. Speak to 1E to see how we can make your deployment a success and save you money. Please visit or call +44 20 8326 3880 or US/Canada Toll Free +1 866 592 4214 for more information.

i Gartner Highlights Five Issues Enterprises Should Examine With Upcoming Launch of Windows 7 (October 15, 2009)

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