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1E ‘wakes up’ Windows Management market with latest launch


1E WakeUp 5.5 helps organizations to cut costs through automated PC updates

London, UK – 1 SEPTEMBER, 2008 – 1E, a leading provider of software solutions and professional services for Windows Management, today announced the launch of 1E WakeUp 5.5 – a significant evolution of its Wake-On-LAN product now allowing the holistic management of PC availability.

“Customer feedback suggests that around 30 per cent of PCs in a typical organization are in a powereddown state when critical updates need to be deployed. 1E WakeUp 5.5 automatically powers-up entire fleets of machines to ensure they receive the incoming update without delay,” comments Sumir Karayi, CEO of 1E. “Operating in tandem with NightWatchman– our world leading PC power management solution – 1E WakeUp 5.5 enables immediate system reboots without any data loss, ensuring that critical updates are applied as quickly as possible, across entire PC fleets.” he adds.

Already installed across more than 4 million seats worldwide, including several 200,000+ seat organizations, 1E WakeUp uses proven, scalable technology to remotely power-up PCs for painless software updates . This enables IT teams to achieve software delivery success rates of 100%, cutting costs and typically delivering an ROI in less than six months.

1E WakeUp 5.5‟s “Computer Health‟ feature continuously monitors the “welfare‟ of your PC fleet, enabling proactive or automated fault resolution for increased PC availability, reliability and performance. With visibility, reporting and automation, the cost of maintaining Operating Systems, applications and management clients is reduced significantly throughout an enterprise.

The solution also includes Web WakeUp, which provides users with secure, remote access to their office PC and corporate resources. Users are able to instantly check the availability of their own PC and initiate a remote power-up via a single mouse click. Web WakeUp can also be integrated into your existing corporate intranet environments for added flexibility.

1E WakeUp 5.5 also integrates with Intel® vPro™ technology, removing the need to leave any machines powered on. 1E WakeUp detects and powers up vPro machines first, which in turn send Wake-On-LAN messages to peer machines. This is a highly secure implementation of Wake-On-LAN.

1E WakeUp 5.5 offers full integration with NightWatchman, optimizing energy savings whilst ensuring that essential software updates take place. Large-scale events can be managed by powering-up PCs in stages, balancing network load and distributing power demands.

The 1E Power & Patch Management Pack centralizes and automates PC power down and wake up processes. The solution offers easy installation and simple scheduling processes for daily, immediate or one-off shutdowns. For the IT or facilities manager, NightWatchman addresses the challenge of shutting down PCs in large network environments where users have different working patterns. For the individual employee, the solution protects unsaved data prior to power down or postpones power down if the PC is still being used. For senior executives, NightWatchman reduces bottom-line costs, saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions. The solution is proven to typically save US$36 per PC per year and delivers an ROI in less than six months.

Research conducted by 1E found that if all companies across the US used the 1E WakeUp and NightWatchman solutions across their PC fleet, they would prevent 14.4 million tons of CO2 from reaching the atmosphere – the equivalent of taking all the cars in the state of Maryland off the road.i

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i PC Energy Report 2007 – United States, published by 1E and the Alliance to Save Energy

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Communications for 1E

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