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IF nothing ELSE, you’re protected: EDR tool springs ahead with powerful feature IF/ELSE component


New York, NY- November 7, 2018 Cybersecurity company 1E has announced the latest version of its real-time query and response tool, Tachyon
With new features like the IF/ELSE component, users are now able to more easily adopt SCALE, Tachyon’s unique SQL-like language to fit their needs. This comes to Tachyon 3.3 by popular demand, as users who are creating Tachyon’s Product Packs can incorporate this into their instructions.
Another widespread request by the Tachyon user base is the ability for Administrators to only send Tachyon instructions to devices that they specifically manage.
Included with Tachyon 3.3 are also:

  • A new and improved GUID generation mechanism to support WakeUp integration
  • Various new enhancements to methods on existing modules
  • Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Compliance

This announcement of exciting updates comes on the heels of technology expert David Strom’s report on Tachyon. Mr. Strom said, “The most interesting thing about Tachyon is how you grow to use it, love it, and profit from it the more it stays on your machine.”

Cyber security is critical. One breach could destroy your organization’s reputation and cost millions of dollars. We take that threat seriously. 1E gives you unprecedented control and visibility over your entire IT estate, delivered at speed and at scale. 1 in 4 of the Top 100 companies by market capital are active 1E customers: we’re working towards a world of proactive cyber security, a world where CIOs and CISOs work together to ensure that no threat can bring down their systems. Learn more at or follow @1E_Global.

Media Contact

Namita Tendolkar,
Communications for 1E

[email protected]

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