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Low Maintenance: The 1E Catalog is now easier than ever to use


New York, NY – 1E has long been serving the community with their easy to use, intuitive products. Adding on to the innate functions of tools like AppClarity and the SLA platform, the latest update to the 1E Maintenance Catalog (1.1) comes as a welcome inclusion to the already instinctive design.

The Engineering and Product teams have worked hand-in-glove to create a seamless experience for every end-user.

The 1E Catalog is required as a pre-requisite to the SLA platform, as it uses the Catalog to normalize or match the source inventory (software, devices, and processors). This normalization is a key step enabling you to have a consistent view of your estate and the ability to reclaim software that isn’t used.

Unused software can be as much of a risk as software that is being used.

Other features to note are:

  • The ability to assess your compliance position
  • Setting migration rules for software products during an OS upgrade
  • Capture license entitlements related to specific software titles

Products that use the Catalog access it directly and many of its related operations are carried out within other companion products. However, there is a Catalog User Interface (UI) which is used to directly access it- like a secret door- where you can add a new software product, add a new version or edition to an existing product, or add a match-rule to a product so that the inventory is linked and normalized within the Catalog.

This much-needed clarity into your businesses’ software estate ensures users always have the (right) applications they need, and that the proper versions are deployed. This ensures users are happy and productive.

Cyber security is critical. One breach could destroy your organization’s reputation and cost millions of dollars. We take that threat seriously. 1E gives you unprecedented control and visibility over your entire IT estate, delivered at speed and at scale. 1 in 4 of the Top 100 companies by market capital are active 1E customers: we’re working towards a world of proactive cyber security, a world where CIOs and CISOs work together to ensure that no threat can bring down their systems

Media Contact

Namita Tendolkar,
Communications for 1E

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