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New updated SMS Patch Management Pack™ could save enterprises and government departments millions of US dollars


MICROSOFT MANAGEMENT SUMMIT, SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, MARCH 27, 2007 – 1E, a leading provider of software products and professional services for Windows Management, today announced the release of its updated SMS Patch Management Pack, which is now compatible with Windows Vista™ technology and delivers energy savings of approximately $70 per PC per annum.

The Patch Management solution combines two powerful technologies: SMSWakeUp™ and NightWatchman®, which work together to enable workstation switch‐on, real‐time deployment of updates and switch‐off, for a 100% patch management success rate and reduced PC power consumption.

Research conducted by 1E shows that every single workstation left on after business hours wastes an average of $70 per year.1 Research also shows that the generation of energy wasted by each workstation produces nearly half a ton of CO2 per year, and that by switching every workstation off each night, the US could shut down eight large power stations and save 7 million tons of CO2 every year.2

SMSWakeUp is the most comprehensive and proven solution for ensuring all PCs are powered‐on and ready for successful deployment of new software or patches. This highly secure and scalable solution provides detailed reporting, supports Intel® AMT and even resolves SMS client health issues. Many global organizations currently consider SMSWakeUp central to successful software distribution.

NightWatchman significantly reduces the power consumed by PCs. Overnight, it ensures systems hibernate or stand by, and automatically saves open documents if a system shutdown or reboot after patch distribution is required. Centrally controlled, it ensures successful patch deployment and instantly enforces security and power management settings. NightWatchman also produces detailed reports of power savings.

Sumir Karayi, CEO of 1E explains “Green issues are no longer peripheral. Volatile energy prices show no sign of abating and the green credentials of the world’s major businesses face growing scrutiny. It is therefore not surprising that we are experiencing increased demand from organizations seeking to streamline their energy efficiencies and cut their utility bills by using energy reduction software, such as Nightwatchman and SMSWakeUp.”

1 The PC Energy Report by the National Energy Foundation and 1E

2 Roger E. Picklum, Bureau of Energy Conservation, City & County of San Francisco and Bruce Nordman, Barbara Kresch, Energy Analysis Department, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Media Contact

Namita Tendolkar,
Communications for 1E

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