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Nomad Enterprise™ 4.0 – rapid Windows 7 migrations, software deployments and updates, with zero disruption to business and no need for branch servers


New version requires even less bandwidth for large data transfers

London & New York, 11th August, 2011 – 1E, the global leader in Efficient IT solutions, today announced the release of version 4.0 of Nomad Enterprise. This version further minimizes the amount of data sent across the WAN, therefore reducing the network bandwidth required. It offers additional stability during the data transfer process by identifying and controlling the connection type and managing device connections seamlessly as they move between wired and wireless LANs.

Bandwidth constraints can hamper the flow of everyday business data as well as software deployment, patching and OS upgrades. Using spare network bandwidth, Nomad Enterprise securely delivers operating system upgrades, software deployments and patches safely and securely to thousands of PCs and servers day or night with zero disruption. This removes the need for branch servers or desk-side visits – reducing your existing server footprint and administrative overhead.

Sumir Karayi, CEO, 1E says: “We developed Nomad Enterprise to take the pain out of complex Operating System deployments and software patches even in the largest, geographically dispersed organizations, while keeping the costs down and with zero disruption to business applications.”

“Nomad from 1E is used to extend the capabilities of our strategic desktop management solution. It now handles around 99% of all of our software deployments and patch updates to our fleet of desktop and laptop machines. We initially considered the solution as a way to speed up software deployment by reducing the number of times our desktops had to traverse our Wide Area Networks; before finding Nomad, the only alternative was to deploy a software distribution point in every site,” says Gary M Phillips, global head of IT operations, HSBC.

Version 4.0 supports IPv6 and integrates with Windows Embedded Standard 2011. 1E has sold three million licenses of Nomad Enterprise worldwide. Customers include HSBC, The West Virginia Office of Technology, a large Fortune 500 Financial Services organisation and a leading construction company.

1E offers a number of ways to manage Windows 7 deployments so customers can choose the best fit for their organizations – Shopping 4.0 from 1E now features self-service OS deployment capabilities.

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Namita Tendolkar,
Communications for 1E

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