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The rules of the road: Application Migration sets new rules that drive enhanced efficiency


New York, NY- July 26, 2018– Applications are at the core of every business today, but their proliferation can cause organizations a headache, especially during OS upgrades and updates. Managing these applications across an organization has now become significantly easier with the release of 1E’s Application Migration 2.5.

Customers who are currently using 1E’s Application Migration will be happy to see an extreme advancement to the tool. Using Role-Based Application Sets to support new computers, there’s now an open door to growth, without any headache of adding a new user.

Application Migration 2.5 intelligently automates the migration of applications during a Microsoft Configuration Manager OS deployment. You will see improved efficiency for your in-place upgrades along with the ability to import application migration rules.

William Min from IBM Services said, “Application Migration allowed IT to set specific migration rules. This was not only significantly more efficient, it was also millions of dollars cheaper than the previous automated approach.”

Using the migration rules defined by your company administrator, previously installed applications can be re-installed, upgraded, or replaced with an alternative during an OS deployment task sequence.

Because applications are so crucial to an end user’s productivity and happiness, Application Migration ensures that end users have the latest and approved versions of the apps ready after an update. Using the 1E Catalog, IT teams gain control over the apps being used, along with the versions and deployments.

Cyber security is critical. One breach could destroy your organization’s reputation and cost millions of dollars. We take that threat seriously. 1E gives you unprecedented control and visibility over your entire IT estate, delivered at speed and at scale. 1 in 4 of the Top 100 companies by market capital are active 1E customers: we’re working towards a world of proactive cyber security, a world where CIOs and CISOs work together to ensure that no threat can bring down their systems.

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Communications for 1E

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