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Travelling higher than ever: Cloud support for ConfigMgr announced for Nomad 6.3


New York, November 13, 2017– Nomad has long been a standout solution for those seeking a more efficient and dependable way to deploy software updates. Since its inclusion in 1E’s Windows Servicing Suite, Nomad has been simplifying IT infrastructures of some of the best-known brands worldwide. Now these brands can look to significant new functionality in the latest version of Nomad.

Nomad 6.3 now features full support for Configuration Manager in the cloud. This means full support for cloud distribution points, cloud Management Gateway, and sites running Azure. In addition, customers will also see faster download speeds across the WAN and LAN using Dynamic Block Sizing. During content transfers, the option to instantly pause or resume Nomad downloads for a collection is now also available.

Lastly, customers will see a dramatic difference within Nomad Configuration Baseline Wizard. The Wizard offers intuitive insight into all the Nomad endpoints, ensuring correct configuration at all times.

As 1E customers for over 10 years, Insurance magnate Unum relied on Nomad as part of their Windows 10 update. With Nomad enabled, they were able to shrink their server infrastructure in their field offices.

Eric Giroux, Senior Solutions Engineer at Unum said, “We no longer have to worry about time of day when we distribute things. With pre-caching with Nomad, we avoid all conflicts with network bandwidth and we can give that back to the users for them to be more productive.”

More information on the Nomad release is available on


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