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UK companies set to waste over £630,000 in energy costs this Christmas


London, UK – 19 December 2007 – As the festive season reaches its peak, the last thing on many UK office workers’ minds will be ensuring their PCs are turned off. However this seemingly inconsequential concern could stand to lose UK businesses over £630,000 and generate nearly 4,000 unnecessary tonnes of CO2 over the Christmas break. Based on figures from the UK Energy Report, published UK software company 1E in partnership with the National Energy Foundation, over 40% of the UK population regularly use a PC at work and as many as 18% of these computers are never switched off at night or over the weekends

“This figure is likely to make UK businesses sit up and take notice of their energy usage over the festive period. To make matters worse, these predictions assume people are only out of the office on Christmas Day and Boxing Day; many UK workers will be away for up to eleven days so the amount actually wasted is likely to be much higher,” comments Simon Francis, Vice President of energy solutions, 1E. “For larger organisations in particular, simply sending a reminder email to staff will not suffice. Investing in a intelligent, automated PC power management offering like our own NightWatchman solution will help companies minimise wastage and significantly reduce their carbon footprints, not only over Christmas but all year round,” he adds.

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