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2013 Top Three Trends in Software Asset Management

According to Forrester Research, Inc’s “The State And Direction of Software Asset Management: 2012 To 2013” Report*, organizations are wasting a significant amount of IT funding on license procurement, maintenance agreement costs for more licenses than they actually use, and supporting software that should have been decommissioned.

The origin of companies’ time and money wasted on software is from not knowing what they have paid for versus what is actually used. Traditionally, software asset management (SAM):

  • Does not guarantee you will reduce your software spend
  • Is in the spirit of avoiding fines
  • Does not identify unused software

So if you identify the unused software (up to $414 per PC**) as a precursor to a SAM project, you have the opportunity to remove software wastage and avoid future license and maintenance spending. Come to this webinar to hear how to become compliant within a week by addressing the unused software in your estate. The next generation of software asset management (SAM) applications go beyond helping software vendors…the next generation is about helping you, the customer, identify and reallocate unused licenses in your PC estate. We focus on reducing waste, improving efficiency, and application reuse. Compliance is byproduct. *Forrester Research, Inc. The State And Direction Of Software Asset Management: 2012 to 2013 by Stephen Mann, March 19, 2013 **

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