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Good security is good systems management

Good security is good systems management and that requires an understanding of the top four mitigation controls that can stop at least 85% of cyber-attacks.

At least 85% of the intrusions that ASD responded to involved adversaries using unsophisticated techniques that would have been mitigated by implementing the top four mitigation strategies.

-Australian Signals Directorate, February 2014

We have reviewed the recommended strategies from this report and addressed why automating patch management of your OS and third-party applications should be an important part of your security strategy.

You’ll learn how you can:

  • Ensure OS and application security by patching quickly and efficiently
  • Patch across the entire enterprise in minutes, not days
  • Discover how 1E automates the four mitigation controls

Take this important step towards improving the health, lifespan & security of your PC estate.

1E Security Benchmark and Patching

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