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Turbocharge your Windows 10 migration with Nomad 6.0

This webinar aims to help you understand how you can automate software deployment and turbocharge your Windows 10 migration projects in a simple, seamless and secure way using 1E’s Nomad.

Watch our webinar to learn:

  • How to deliver Windows 10 in the most cost-effective way with Nomad 6.0
  • Hints and Tips from the architects to migrate (to Windows10) in the most economic way
  • How pre-caching can make a significant positive difference without impacting network performance in large-scale environments
  • What’s new in Nomad 6.0: Quick OS deployment, upgrade & patching of applications, easy scheduling and management of task sequences, and better security with FIPS compliance

Troy Martin (1E Endpoint Automation Product Team Lead) and Mike Terrill (1E Product Manager – Windows Migrations and User-centric Application Management) will take you through the best practices to run efficient IT.

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