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Windows 10 Security: Reasons to be cheerful (and not so cheerful)

Our latest Windows 10 webinar looked at the different security features offered in Windows 10 – Secure Boot, Device Guard and Credential Guard. We discussed how these features have the potential to make your environment the most secure it has ever been. But we also looked at how realizing that potential is highly dependent on how you migrate your devices.

You can view the entire webinar recording below, or take a look at some of the selected highlights that we have made available.

Full webinar recording

What is Secure Boot and how does it work?

How does Device Guard protect against malware?

What does Credential Guard do?

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Dave Fuller
Dave Fuller Windows 10 Program Lead, 1E
Troy Martin
Troy Martin Product Team Lead, 1E

Questions & Answers

We had a lot of great questions submitted during the webinar, and we didn’t have the time to properly address each of them. So we have gathered them together here.

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