The fastest way to accurate visibility for your software estate

Take the guesswork out of Software Asset Management

Most companies waste millions due to lack of visibility into their software estate. Whether preparing for an audit or supporting business change, accurate visibility into your software estate takes the guesswork out of Software Asset Management. Knowledge is power as it eliminates waste, maximizes efficiency and saves your company millions.

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To date, and that’s not even a month since deployment, we have seen savings of $260,000 which accounts for 3,000 reclaimed licenses and that’s only for the first letter of the alphabet of vendors.

Cobie Nel
IM Service Manager Applications, Sasol

With AppClarity you can

Establish accurate visibility into, and control over, software usage across the enterprise

Establish accurate visibility into, and control over, software usage across the enterprise

Reclaim unused and/or prohibited software and redeploy licenses as needed

Establish accurate visibility into, and control over, software usage across the enterprise

Transform software asset management into business as usual, reducing costs, complexity and the risk of audit

Establish accurate visibility into, and control over, software usage across the enterprise

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Remove Guesswork around SAM

AppClarity accurately captures and reports application usage across the enterprise, reducing cost, complexity and risk by removing the guesswork around software asset management. Our software puts data to work: automating the reclaim process to minimize application sprawl, saving enterprises millions.

Why Choose AppClarity for Software Asset Management?

Accurate software inventory

Up-to-date software title usage reports alongside license inventory delivering accurate view across the business

Current usage calculcation

Automated process measures application usage providing a clear picture of used vs. unused software

Automated software removal

Automatically remove unused software, optionally giving the user the ability to justify the retention of the title

Clear reporting

Empower license negotiations and audits with software vendors by having accurate, real-time software deployment and usage reports

What’s new in AppClarity 5.2?

AppClarity 5.2 introduces a range of new features and capabilities to drive tactical initiatives around Audit Defense and Renewal Management, and to support a more strategic approach to SAM within your enterprise.

Integrated cloud catalog

AppClarity’s new resilient cloud catalog ensures more accurate matching of multiple sources of inventory and entitlement. Users can customize the catalog to their own specific needs without having to wait for 1E to make changes. Customers can also share their catalog entries with other AppClarity users.

1E Windows inventory

AppClarity’s agentless inventory tool gathers a range of software and hardware information from Windows machines, closing existing inventory gaps where incumbent tools are not effective.

On premises enhancements

AppClarity now supports bundled and consolidated entitlements, and provides a global dashboard of entitlements across all geographies and management groups.

In addition, application matching for Windows 10 licensing provides the ability to match the required products for a Windows 10 upgrade.

Savings from reclaiming unused software

As high as the cost of unused software is, the implementation of a reclaim program can lead to very significant savings. For calculating total waste, we selected 35 applications (out of 1,800) to represent estimated cost of waste.

Based on 35 software titles alone, the average 20,000 seat company can look to reap the following savings:

Select number of users :
Select region
Per User Total
Year 1 savings $70.36
Year 2 savings $70.69
Year 3 savings $62.12
Total savings over 3 years
This example is based on the software usage research presented on page 5 of the 2016 Software Usage Report.

What our customers are saying

"We need to optimize our software discovery and automate license management capabilities using 1E’s AppClarity. We can realize a quick ROI and achieve significant cost savings and avoidance"

IT Manager

Fortune 500 Bank
“Milestone reached! 3401 application instances reclaimed using AppClarity from 1E, resulting in an overall cost avoidance of $600K in 6 months!”

Service Catalogue and Asset Management team

international information and education company

Senior Director of Enterprise Client Computing

Global health services organization
“Through the application rationalization process, the amount of money I’m saving - and already we’ve saved $2 million by not redeploying applications - more than pays for itself.”

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