The fastest way to accurate visibility for your software estate


Accurate software inventory

AppClarity can leverage multiple inventory sources to obtain an accurate register of all applications deployed. In the datacenter, AppClarity remotely and agentlessly discovers and identifies all installed server software, and does this for physical and virtual devices and clusters. In addition, AppClarity consolidates irrelevant records, removing duplicate data across all the inventory sources. Variances in publisher, product versions and editions are normalized against a detailed software catalog, giving you a true picture of your current software inventory.

Automated license demand

AppClarity’s License Demand calculation engine shows your current license demand across your entire software inventory, for both server and desktop applications. It calculates license demand by taking into account all the potential license metrics for each software product and the complex licensing rules that can apply to different network environments.

Software compliance position

AppClarity captures all your software license entitlements, and assigns those entitlements to your current license demand in the most cost-effective way possible. The compliance engine takes into account use rights that are assigned to particular software products. The AppClarity compliance approach means you always have a clear view of your compliance gaps, and enables you to understand what options are available to make you fully compliant.

Unused software detection

AppClarity will instantly analyse every software install by leveraging data from Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager to determine if it is used, occasionally used or unused. Alternatively, where SCCM is not present, usage data can be captured from PCs using an agent. Either way, this powerful information is available at your fingertips for every software product in your PC environment.

Automatic license reclaim

AppClarity will harvest unused applications from PCs using a policy-based approach. When a software installation is unused it can be reclaimed automatically or with user consultation using an intelligent opt-out process. Savings achieved through this software license optimization initiative are tracked and reported in AppClarity’s report centre.

Quantifiable waste reporting

AppClarity provides reporting with actionable results without having to review pages of data. All unused software is collated into one report which financially outlines the total waste and potential savings.

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