AppClarity empowers IT to manage software compliance, optimize licensing, reduce waste, mitigate security risks, manage patching and ensure endpoint performance. Integrated with the 1E Platform, AppClarity is a complete SAM tool, from user experience monitoring to identifying unpatched software.

Core features

Immediate ROI

AppClarity can be deployed in hours and days rather than months, which means customers can save money faster than with any other vendor. Cost savings are realized quickly due to immediate license demand calculations, so customers know how to avoid overspend. AppClarity also provides preview-based reclaim so customers always stay in control of licensing costs

Real-Time Inventory

Real-time data is foundation for better decision making. AppClarity enables real-time querying of even complex questions for business insights, and it can take data from disparate systems and normalize the data out of the box. This data is then normalized against 1E’s AI catalog, including homegrown apps, for a complete picture of software use in the organization.

ISO Aligned

AppClarity includes the industry’s first Entitlement Library aligned to the ISO 19770-3 standard. This is an International standard for entitlement management. 1E SAM solution has been developed under the supervision of ISO 19770 co-authors, Steve Klos (Convener and editor of 19770-2) and Jason Keogh (Convener and editor of 19770-3).

Fully Integrated

AppClarity is a fully integrated SAM solution that works across Operations and Security. It provides a single source of truth across the software estate to enable business process automation, enhanced security, patch success, accurate demand calculation and real-time visibility into what software is running in the estate and any security issues.

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How AppClarity transformed software asset management at The Department of Veteran Affairs

  • $65 million in cost savings
  • FITARA rating boosted from F to A
  • Over $3 billion in managed software licenses

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