Software Asset Management

The first Real-Time Software Asset Management and Automation solution
AppClarity provides rapid savings in even the largest organizations, with integration benefits for security and operations.


Rated 4.9 on Gartner Peer Insights™
(Since release of completely new AppClarity 6)


AppClarity has been redesigned and rewritten for the modern business. Its capabilities include:

Comprehensive license management

The first ISO 19770-based SAM solution, AppClarity transparently determines optimal licensing for complex applications such as SQL Server Core, IBM PVU, Oracle Processor, Red Hat Socket, etc. Initial results are available immediately upon installation for audit defense and contract renewals. SaaS-based usage is calculated accurately across all endpoints. AppClarity is proven to scale to over 500k endpoints and $5bn of licenses in a single installation.

AI-based catalog

1E’s AI-based catalog identifies more software than other solutions, including homegrown applications, and enables automated cataloging of new application versions. The catalog also helps identify out-of-date, out-of-support and potentially vulnerable applications so they can be upgraded to safer versions, and identify and deploy missing updates for critical patches.

Real-time intelligence and audit defence

1E’s Real-Time Platform and Explorer enable immediate analysis of usage, license demand and optimization strategies. This provides the SAM team with the ability to conduct what-if analyses and provides management information with the least amount of effort. When a vendor changes their licensing model, a new Explorer instruction will return the new metric for calculation. Audit defense for complex server licensing is immediate and accurate so weeks or even months can be saved each time.

Application deployment and uninstallation automation

Applications are automatically deployed and upgraded across all endpoints whenever they are rebuilt, upgraded or replaced. Intelligence at each endpoint automatically determines which applications and versions need to be deployed whenever an endpoint is refreshed or replaced, saving significant time for both IT teams and employees. Unused applications can be removed automatically with a unique preview capability to save on licensing costs.


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